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The House Whisperer

Dean Alan Sharp, a native of Southern California, first began integrating his artistic vision with a passion for fine homebuilding while working as a young carpenter in Bel Air; then as a Project Manager in Beverly Hills; and ultimately as a Design Director, creating luxury estates in exclusive West Los Angeles neighborhoods from the Hollywood Hills to Malibu. In an age of fast-food and fast-homes he counts himself blessed to participate in scores of ultra-custom projects where craftsmanship is highly valued and creativity finds it fullest expression.

Dean takes great artistic pleasure in the creation of elite estates, but never straying far from his working-class roots, he equally enjoys “transforming otherwise ordinary houses into extraordinary homes,” and finds deep meaning and satisfaction in giving any house a unique style, story, and soul of its own in ways that everyday folks can afford. In his view, “Everyone deserves good architecture.”

Dean is a gifted artist who uniquely combines his love for architecture with the practical expertise of a master builder. In the early 1990s he owned and operated a sought after design/build contracting company but was unfortunately forced to close its doors due to financial hardship amidst a difficult divorce. It was an extremely challenging time for Dean, but as the one door closed another opened for him to reinvent and return to his truest passions as artist, designer, and craftsman.

I came to realize what I wanted more than anything was to pour my heart into helping clients discover the artful expression of ‘home,’ get my hands dirty on occasion, and leave the contracting to others.
— Dean Sharp, The House Whisperer

Beneath the artistry lies the secret sauce of his success—a wholehearted commitment to honesty, transparency, childlike wonder, a passion for life and an insatiable nerd-like curiosity for pretty much everything. His wit and warmth wraps you in confidence even as his bold creativity may be transporting you “out of the box” and beyond your comfort zone to “build yourself a beautiful life.”

Dean “whispers” houses throughout the country, but he spends most of his time happily at play in Southern California with his soul-mate, Tina, where they do their part to both save and savor the world in a little house and a simple life that regularly overflows with good friends, good food, good dogs, some chickens, some bees, and a whole lotta love.